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Azin Supply  Dynamic as a domestic and international trading company in the field of supplying products, equipment and raw materials of polymer, petrochemical and plastic in the service of a variety of industries including: oil, gas, petrochemical, rubber, plastic, medicine, packaging, paint , Agriculture, food, roads and buildings. We try to process the raw materials needed by our customers in the best way and at the lowest possible cost and according to a specific schedule, so that our customers are comfortable in terms of supplying the goods they need.


Relying on its commercial and engineering capabilities, this company is proud to be able to supply raw materials for key and infrastructure industries, equipment and parts with warranty, and after-sales service and engineering services, consulting, as well as the implementation of industrial plans and projects.

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Chemical raw materials

Chemicals are substances that can be defined by chemical compounds

A common example of a chemical is pure water. Water has the properties of chemicals and the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen, whether separated from a river or made in a laboratory. A pure chemical cannot be converted to other substances without a chemical reaction. Some common chemicals can be diamonds, gold, salt (sodium chloride) and sugar (sucrose). Chemicals are generally present in solid, liquid, or gaseous form and may change between these stages as .the temperature or pressure changes.

AZin SD provides factories and manufacturing companies with access to significant resources on chemically modified materials for industrial use.

Polymeric raw materials

Polymeric raw materials are materials made of long, repetitive chains of molecules. These materials have unique properties depending on the type of bonded molecules and how they bond. Some polymers, such as rubber and polyester, have elasticity. Others are like epoxy and hard glass.

Polymers touch almost every aspect of modern life. Most people have probably been in contact with at least one product containing polymer (from water bottles to toys to rubber) in the last five minutes.

Mineral raw materials

Functional minerals are materials inspired by geological systems that are the source of the Earth’s billion-year history. Each of them has a unique chemical composition and structure that determines its interesting properties and possible functions. Natural, artificial and anthropogenic minerals, mainly modified, act as beneficial agents in environmental and industrial applications. The functions of these materials include cation and anion exchange, adsorption, immobilization, energy storage, catalysts, and photoactivity.

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Azin SD company also supplies and markets metal and mineral products as your needs.

Azin SD co. provides and is a supplier of oil and gas industry derivatives.


Azin SD co.  is active in the field of production and supply of chemical and petrochemical products.