Tri Ethylene Glycol

Tri Ethylene Glycol/TDI-Azin Commercial Industrial

Tri Ethylene Glycol, TEG, Triglycol and Trigen


TEG is a colourless, viscous, non-volatile liquid with the formula C6H14O4.  It is well known for its hygroscopic quality and its ability to dehumidify fluids.

How to produce:

Tri ethylene glycol is prepared commercially as a co-product of the oxidation of ethylene at high temperature, in the presence of a silver oxide catalyst. 

The ethylene oxide is then hydrated to yield mono, di, tri, and tetra ethylene glycols.


The main uses for tri ethylene glycol are based upon its hygroscopic quality.

Trige is used as a dehydrating agent for natural gas pipelines where it removes the water from the gas before being condensed and reused in the system. 

It is also a dehumidifying agent in air-conditioning units. It is also used to make chemical intermediates such as plasticisers and polyester resins. 

Triglycol is an additive in hydraulic fluids and brake fluids, and TEG is also used as a solvent in many applications, including as a selective solvent for aromatics, and a solvent in textile dyeing.

TEG also has mild disinfectant qualities and, when volatised, is used as an air disinfectant for virus and bacteria control.

TDI-Azin Commercial Industrial

Safety and important points:

Triethylene glycol has high toxicity.

When transporting and using this material, use complete equipment such as gloves and special glasses.

Always keep in closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.


  • metal barrel 216.5 litres
  • plastic barrel 227 liters
  • intermediate bulk container 1000 litres
  • tank truck in bulk
  • Iso container

For more information we recommend you to see TEG information page.

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